Travel is a pleasure, no one can deny it. But to organize the trips… there the thing changes. There are so many things to prepare that sometimes, due to lack of time or desire, we leave everything for the end and end up spending more than we should.

Flights, visits, excursions, suitcases, transport, accommodation… just think about it and it gets tired.

If you already have the destination and the chosen flights, the next step is to look for accommodation. The best way to avoid being caught by the bull with the prices is to set a maximum budget before starting. It’s up to you: you choose how much you want to spend. With Spaces you can set aside money from your main account to make sure that you don’t touch that amount until the trip.

Where to stay according to budget?

Although the budget depends largely on the destination prices, the other variable depends on the type of accommodation you choose. And unless you are travelling to a particular point in the Sahara Desert, we can assure you that in any city you will find at least a handful of options.

We give you all the alternatives for you to choose the one that best suits you. We have ordered them from more to less price, so that in the end you get a good taste in your mouth knowing that there is a free option (and it is not worth skipping the first five and go directly to the last one):

Hotel sweet hotel

Nothing you didn’t know: the most comfortable option but also the most expensive. You have the comfort of having all the necessary services such as cleaning service, restaurant and security. Recommended if you travel alone or in pairs and for short stays. It doesn’t fail.

Apartahotel (or the old Airbnb)

It combines the advantages of a hotel with the freedom of an apartment. It’s like renting an apartment without a fixed contract. Highly recommended for long stays, if for example you are going to spend 2 weeks on the beach in the Mediterranean, and especially if you share with more people.

It is usually a popular option for families or groups of friends, as you have the freedom to have an apartment with all its services and the comforts of a hotel.

In addition, most of them have facilities such as a swimming pool, restaurant and private security. Best of all, you forget to make the bed, because they usually include a cleaning service. The price is similar to that of a hotel, but for large groups it is cheaper.

Airbnb, or air bed&breakfast

Yeah, it also changed our lives when we knew what the acronyms meant.

What we were going to. This popular platform offers apartments or private rooms at quite affordable prices, although it can always vary depending on the type of apartment you choose.

The best thing is that you can book everything from your mobile and you are, from the first moment, in contact with the owners. Highly recommended for couples and groups because it gives much more freedom than a hotel.

Hostels, for all pockets

Accommodation very similar to a hotel but cheaper because it is of less quality and offers more limited services. There are usually both private and shared rooms. They have common kitchens, toilets and showers, perfect for saving by preparing your own food.

It’s very popular with young people, and even if you travel on your own, it’s a good place to meet other travellers like you. Recommended for the tightest pockets.

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