Accommodation in a hotel in the metropolitan area is almost always associated with significant costs. But someone manages to rent a hotel inexpensively, while significantly saving on accommodation. Let’s find out together whether it is real to find cheap accommodation and what advantages the hotel has over other hotels.

Several situations where hotels reduce the cost of accommodation.

Very often hotels themselves are ready to meet the client and reduce the cost of their services. If you are ready to make a reservation request and pay for your accommodation in advance, then almost all hotels make substantial discounts.

Another option – a somewhat risky, but quite justified, when the client has time to snatch a hot offer -the last unsold room in the hotel would prefer to surrender at a great discount, rather than leave blank.

Want to rent a hotel cheap? Do not consider the location in the center, pay attention to suburban, more peaceful areas. Hotels often raise prices because of their location and infrastructure.

Do you want to save on accommodation? Choose rooms with a minimum set of amenities. If the main thing for you is to spend the night and rest, then the degree of comfort is not important, the main thing is to be clean and calm.

And what else will help to save money?

It would seem trifles, but they also affect the final cost of living and you plan to spend most of your time outside your room. Tell me, won’t you care what kind of view will be opened from the window

Breakfast. Yes, you can save them too. Therefore, look not only for cheap hotels, but also read whether there are decent cafes or dining rooms nearby – it is better not to order morning meals at the hotel.

Together, it’s cheaper. If you are traveling in the company of a friend / friend / relative, it will be more profitable to stay in one room, rather than renting each separate. Of course, unless it causes any discomfort to either side.

Guests are offered single and double rooms, which can comfortably accommodate two, while the price for a room is very pleased. For excursion groups the hotels even have special rates that provide for economical accommodation due to the fact that the rooms are occupied by several people.

Get ready in advance!

Warned means armed! This rule should not be neglected if you are looking for cheap hotels. There are tons of information on the Internet about almost all the capital’s hotels, among which there are several options worthy of attention. First select the area of residence, then start monitoring it for the availability of hotels. It will be a good idea to read the forums, where the guests willingly share their reviews on accommodation.

The level of stars of the hotel is not the last thing that matters, because the higher the class, the more people ask for room accommodation. For a decent hotel will be enough two or three stars: without unnecessary pathos, but inexpensive.

If the budget is very limited, you can look at the mini-hotels and hostels. This option is more suitable for young people who do not pay attention to household inconveniences and easily relate to the fact that people live near other people. For those who are not ready for such a step, we recommend looking for an economy room in not too star hotels, but with good reputation.