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Frequently Asked Questions for Central Heating Boiler Water Therapy:

Why do I need to chemically treat my boiler?

1) To avoid boiler scale
2) To lessen corrosion to the feed water as well as steam & condensate system
3) Enhance boiler performance.

What is the boiler range?

The most typical scale is white in look and is from calcium carbonate that has precipitated from hard feedwater. Tough water has calcium and also magnesium which are minerals that are tough to clean. The silica scale is breakable as well as has a glass appearance. One of the most typical ranges is white in look as well as is from calcium carbonate that has actually sped up from difficult feedwater. Hard water has calcium, as well as magnesium as well as, are minerals that are hard to clean. The silica scale is fragile as well as has a glass appearance.

Why is my feedwater container leaking?

If your container is dripping it has been improperly dealt with for years. See to it your sulfite is fed to the feedwater tank which it is being fed through an injection quill that gets to near the facility of the storage tank.

Why did my feedwater pump fall short as a result of too much deterioration?

If your feedwater pump has experienced too much rust and/or fails it is most likely from an insufficient amount of sulfite being fed to the feedwater container. Make certain your sulfite is fed to the feedwater tank which is being fed through a shot quill that gets to near the center of the storage tank.

What tests should I perform on my condensate system?


1) Insoluble and also soluble iron
2) Condensate pH (7.5-8.5 for a lot of systems) at the furthest point from your central heating boiler as well as possibly at multiple locations if your system is large.
3) Condensate deterioration promo codes.

Why are my condensate pipelines leaking or exceedingly corroding?

Corrosion occurs from carbonic acid and oxygen matching. Carbonic acid happens from carbon dioxide which is a breakdown molecule of the carbonate alkalinity condensing from water to form H2CO3. Oxygen pitting occurs as steam condenses as well as the vacuum produced pulls air right into the condensate system.

What is hard water?

Difficult water contains calcium as well as magnesium. These minerals are considered tough to clean.

Why do I require a softener?

A softener is created to remove calcium and magnesium from the “cosmetics” water.

What is central heating boiler carryover?

If your boiler water suspended solids are too much, some solids may gather on the surface of a steam bubble and leave the central heating boiler with the heavy steam.

Why do I need to feed a polymer or phosphate to my central heating boiler?

Phosphate and also polymers are needed in boilers to avoid the calcium as well as magnesium from precipitating in the central heating boiler tubes. Theoretically, some calcium and magnesium will certainly leak through the conditioner. The calcium and also magnesium minerals attach themselves to the polymer or phosphate and also are released either via surface blowdown or during bottom blowdowns.

What is a one-drum program?

A one drum program is described as a chemical blend that contains all the boiler chemical elements (sulfite, amine, phosphate/polymer, as well as alkalinity) in one container. If you are looking for a boiler, they suggest that you check out Talktobusiness.

What do I need to feed sulfite to my boiler?

Sulfite is described as an oxygen scavenger. Sulfite is one of the most typically used oxygen scavengers. It is made used to eliminate the water’s liquified oxygen.

Exactly how do I determine how much condensate I am returning?

To compute your return condensate portion multiply 100 by 1-( feedwater silica/makeup water silica).

What is central heating boiler blowdown?

Blowdown is the elimination of the concentrated liquified as well as suspended solids. By blowing down the system, reduced concentrated water dilutes the existing water in the central heating boiler.

How much do I need to blow down my boiler?

It relies on the number of contaminations you have in your feedwater. The objective is to determine what the limiting variable is (liquified solids, alkalinity, silica, or iron) in your boiler water and also set your blowdown setup at that limitation. To identify the amount of blowdown percentage divide 1 by your focus proportion and multiply by 100.

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