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Oh, Porto is fashionable. This is a place that lives a huge boom in terms of tourism, so you should choose where to stay in Porto to make the most of your stay. Although it is a small city, keep in mind that it is very important to choose a central hotel; or else it is well served by the public transportation service of the metro.

And, especially in summer, it is important to book in advance. In any case, if you book at the last minute and stay in a less central location, you should know that the Uber works very well in Porto (not expensive).

From the experience of many years of life in Porto, here are my recommendations for the best place to stay in Porto, in the end, depending on your travel style, choose to stay at a hotel in Lower, Sedofeit, Ribeira, Cathedral ou Boavista (Explaining the advantages of each zone).

For business travellers and those who are passionate about comfort and management, the luxury hotels in Avenida do Aliados may be a privileged option for staying in Porto, despite the high prices for an average tourist. In any case, I will include several Avenida dos Aliados hotels in this list, after where to stay in Porto; even because there are good surprises.

Therefore, be prepared to accept some of the guest houses and shared hostels in Porto with fewer and fewer cheap hotels, at least in the city center.

Despite this, it is fair to say that compared to other major cities in Western Europe, the price/benefit ratio of accommodation in Porto remains unbeatable.

Finally, let’s say that there are hundreds of apartments to rent in Porto. Referring to some of the best, this is not the focus of the article. Instead, I recommend hotels and small guest houses to be very hospitable – certainly the best style of accommodation in Porto.

Porto City Center

For tourists, but with some purchasing power, the city center (from Avenida dos Aliados to the immediate vicinity of Rua de Sedofeit, passing through the renovated Rua das Flores) is probably the best region for recreation in Porto.

It is an area of the city that has undergone a major architectural transformation with high quality urban rehabilitation (many buildings have been converted into guest houses and local housing).

And it is ideally located for easy access to places such as the Lello bookstore; the inevitable Tower of Clerics; the iconic station of San Bento, the neighbouring Ribeira area; the gardens of the Crystal Palace; the Palazzo Bolsa; and nightlife around the Parisian galleries. Some of the best hotels in Porto are in Baixa.

As I mentioned before, although more and less often, there are still cheap accommodations in Porto – even in low ones. Among them I single out the Passenger Hostel, located in the beautiful San Bentu station.

Other attractive examples and excellent value for money (according to current standards) that should be taken into account in this place are the cozy hotels of the Guest House InPatio e Myo Design House; the neighbors Mo House e BelomonteGH Guest House; and the elegant bed and breakfast Casa Dos Lóios, you will be very well established in any of them.

If you are looking for a boutique hotel style I recommend an incredibly beautiful hotel Warehouse luxury accommodation, Finally, and as a fan of the apartments, I could not help but mention the very well-designed apartments. At home in PortoRiad with Mercado Ferreira Borges.


Perhaps one of the most purified of Porto – to use the Brazilian expression that I love – a lot because of the art galleries in Rua Miguel Bombarda and Movida Nightlife in the galleries of Paris, the epicentre of the Plaza de Carlos Alberto is probably the best place to relax in Porto.

Recommended for both young and carefree minds, as well as those who need comfort. I love the atmosphere; and I can easily imagine staying there the next time I arrive at the harbor. As long as you don’t stay on Gallery Street in Paris (you can’t sleep there).

Like Baixa, Cedofeita has also undergone a major architectural transformation. And it is ideally located for easy access to places such as the Lello bookstore; the inevitable Tower of Clerics; the Crystal Palace gardens; and the nightlife around Paris’ galleries.

Thus, among the cheapest hotels in Porto, the Hostel Gallery is unanimously considered to be one of the top hostels of Porto, a very good alternative is also the hostel Enjoy the Guest House of Porto; and for those who prefer an apartment, I couldn’t help but mention BO – Sá de Noronha, the fruit of its quality and ideal location (for me, the streets near Piazza Carlos Alberto are the best place to relax in Porto).

If you are looking for a more luxurious boutique hotel style, I recommend the Albar House – Monumental Palace, the new 5-star hotel on Avenida dos Aliados. It is a modern luxury option with all the sophistication and comfort.

Although it has nothing to do with my style, it is certainly one of the best hotels in Porto. Last but not least, there is the historic Infante Sagreshtante as well as the 5 stars, which have improved significantly after the extensive renovation it has undergone in recent years.

Erica G. Greer