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In order not to fall prey to local robbers, fraud, terrorists and maid theft, it is necessary to think in advance about security at the hotel. Also spoil the rest and even harm the health can be various emergencies and natural disasters. will tell you about several ways to increase the security of personal belongings.

Hotel Choice

When choosing a suitable place to stay, you should pay attention to the surroundings of the hotel. Is the area where it is located considered safe? Is it safe to walk around at night? Is there a high crime rate in the city? Is there a threat of a terrorist act or natural disasters?

It is important to find answers to all these questions and to make sure that your stay is safe.

Occupational behaviour

Keep an eye on your things.

In the main hall of the hotel there are only distractions. Therefore, it is easy to lose sight of your luggage. That’s why it can be an easy prey for thieves who profit from the inattention of travelers.

You should always keep your personal belongings at hand, especially during check-in. It is also important to be extremely careful when giving luggage to a porter or porter. Even in large hotels, thieves can pretend to be company employees.

Ask for a room above the ground floor

When registering, it is better to ask for a room that is not lower than the third and not higher than the sixth floor. This way, you will be high enough to prevent burglars from climbing through the window and low enough to get the stairs to the room in case of fire. Also, the rooms on the ground floors greatly reduce the level of privacy.

Watch your bank card carefully

When paying with a debit or credit card, it is important to follow the actions of staff and keep an eye on them. When distracted, the card can be photographed on a mobile phone and all the necessary information can be obtained.

Try to keep the payment card out of your bag or wallet or hold it in your hand until the receptionist asks you to pay. Once you get it back, study both sides carefully. In rare cases, visitors are given a fake card or another card.

Take two hotel business cards

No one’s safe from emergencies. With your hotel business card, address and contact details are always at hand. This is very useful in an unfamiliar city. One of them is better to store in the room (on the bedside table or at the phone), the other – in a purse or purse.

Try to protect your room number and personal data from being tapped

The receptionist must not say the guest’s name and room number aloud. Otherwise, the thief may overhear where you can be found. The safety of guests at the hotel depends a great deal on this. Therefore, if the staff has given out information, you should ask for another room.

If a hotel employee accompanies a guest to a room, the door must be left open

Often, hotel services include a porter or porter, who helps to deliver and place luggage in the room. If this is the case, the door should be left open to minimize potential charges of misconduct.

You should quickly inspect the room with the porter, hallwayman or porter. It should be empty. Try to check everything: the bathroom, the wardrobes, the space behind the doors, etc.

Checking the room for functionality and damage

Often, hotel staff fail to consider any gaps in guest safety. Backlocks or locks can be broken. The same applies to other things in the room. Have you noticed any problems? Then feel free to ask for another room.

The first thing to do is to close all the doors and turn the knobs to make sure the locks are working. The same applies to the safe and locks.

Safety rules during hotel stays

The first thing you need to do is to use the lock on the door, which is inside the room. Most rooms are equipped with additional locks (fuses) and a lock. They are under or above the door lock. They work according to the principles of the latch.

Always keep a flashlight by the bed

This is especially true for places where natural disasters (especially earthquakes) often occur. Often, natural disasters are the cause of power outages. Moving around the hotel in the dark is extremely difficult. Flashlight will provide, if necessary, light. It is better to keep it on a bedside table or at the bedside.

Of course, most mobile phones have the function of a flashlight, but often people put their gadgets at night to charge. Once discharged, you will be deprived of light. And therefore, a flashlight with additional batteries – much more reasonable and practical solution.

Safety of things at the hotel

Contrary to popular belief, a hotel is not a fortress where all personal belongings are safe and secure. They should be carefully hidden and protected.

When leaving your room, you need to close your valuables in the safe

Most hotels provide room safes where you can protect your valuables. Safes with keys are less secure than those with combinations.

Attackers usually target currency, gold and electronic devices (tablets, laptops, smartphones, audio players, cameras, etc.). They are the ones to put in the safe. You can also store valuables at the reception. In such a case, the responsibility rests with the hotel staff.

Leaving the room, close your luggage

Maids and other hotel staff can look at a beautiful suit or a guest’s designer dress. It is better to keep your luggage locked up to reduce the risk of theft and the temptation to commit a crime.

Using special locks for equipment and luggage

There are small locks that can protect your luggage. They won’t scare away experienced thieves, but ordinary thieves won’t do anything about it. Usually they look for easy prey.

You can buy locks in almost every hardware store, suitcase store, electronics store or on the Internet.

Erica G. Greer