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When planning a vacation, every tourist faces the question of where to stay? Rent a guest house in Sochi or rent a hotel room? Each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages. But before you consider them, you need to understand what are the hotels and guest houses.

Some people think that a guest house and a hotel are the same. But this view is erroneous, these concepts have significant differences.

Hotels and hotels are large buildings or even several, divided into rooms of different classes. They offer typical services: meals, room cleaning, etc. All hotels are rated from one to five stars. The more they are, the better the hotel is. Each hotel undergoes mandatory certification, where its rating is determined.

A guest house is a small building, which the owner fully or partially rents for temporary accommodation. It can also have several rooms, but their number is less than that of hotels. Although the rental activities of the guest house are legal, there is no mandatory private sector certification.


Both the private sector and hotels can be located close to the sea, the center of the resort city. But most often the first line is built up by hotels. The private sector is usually a little further away.

In addition, the hotels, which are located on the first line, have a private beach for guests, with well-groomed territory, sun loungers and umbrellas, the guest house can not afford such a luxury.


If you look at the rooms, any hotel offers economical options and suites. Each room has a standard set of furniture, which can vary depending on the level of the hotel. Usually the room has beds, bedside tables, table, chair, TV and air conditioning.

The guest house can also have rooms of different levels, but the division here is more conventional. Usually the guest houses are cozier, and the living conditions are similar to those at home.

But it all depends on the quality of the guest house, sometimes you can get to the options, where the rooms are almost empty and made of old furniture with broken details.


Most hotels offer a variety of meals: breakfast, breakfast+lunch, all included. The choice of dishes even in a two-star hotel is quite diverse. If you have a rest in the hotel 5 stars, you can see that the richness of dishes here is simply amazing!

In the hotels, breakfast usually takes place on the buffet system, where tourists are offered different types of porridge, omelette, fresh pastries, different types of jams, vegetables and fruits. No less rich choice of drinks: several kinds of tea, coffee, water, various juices.

The private sector also offers meals, but in a significantly limited range. Often in guest houses and there is no possibility of rest on the system all inclusive. Most often, holidaymakers cook on their own or go to a cafe. If you can order breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can usually choose between two or three dishes.

The advantage of cooking is economy and possibility to have usual dishes, on the other hand, hardly anybody will want to spend the holiday behind a stove.

Regularly eating in the cafe is, of course, interesting, because during even a small vacation you can visit many places and taste a variety of dishes, on the other hand, such meals will cost more, in addition, the risk of failure to get to an institution with poor quality cuisine increases.


In terms of this indicator, hotels are significantly ahead of guest houses. Laundry services, ironing board and ironing facilities are available, and owners can pick you up at the airport or train station and take you to your accommodation.

But hotels usually offer a wider range of services. Many hotels in the Krasnodar region have swimming pools, bars, and playgrounds. The hotels offer not only laundry services, ironing, but also babysitting services, where you can buy a ticket for a tour, book a transfer, etc.


There are always more guests in the hotel than there are in the guest house, so those who prefer a calm and quiet rest, may find the guest house to their liking. But most people get bored, especially those who come with children. In the guesthouse children find it much harder to find friends of their age, in the hotel with this easier. In addition, many hotels have animators who entertain children and adults.

Usually in the private sector, those who do not plan to spend time in the room, but are going to spend all the time walking around the resort town or lying on the beach.

But due to the fact that the guest house has fewer tourists, the owner may be more attentive to holidaymakers than the hotel to its guests. But this rule is only valid if you stay in a good house with a friendly and responsible owner.


Everyone knows that the private sector is a cheaper option. But if you go to a café or dining room three times a day to eat, you can spend even more than if you stayed at the hotel.

Therefore, those for whom the cost of housing is a priority, you need to be more careful and carefully calculate their costs. If you rent a cheap guest house far from the sea and take a bus to the beach every day, wouldn’t it be more expensive than if you stayed in a hotel near the sea?

It is possible to rent a room inexpensively, if you book it without intermediaries, for example, through the official website of the hotel. In addition, when booking early, many hotels offer significant discounts, which also saves on travel.

Also remember the seasonality. During the season, prices increase twice everywhere, including hotels and guest houses.


On the Internet you can find a lot of ads in which to rent rooms in famous hotels, small hotels and guest houses. In this choice it is easy to get lost and book a room in a low-quality place, resulting in the spoilage of the rest.

The hotel is easier to choose: there is a lot of information on all hotels on the Internet, many of them have their own sites, where all the information is listed, as well as have reliable photos. You can find hundreds of reviews of people who have already stayed in these hotels.

Owners of private homes usually do not make sites, often they are limited only to a web page on the service where you can book a room, or a group in social networks. As the private sector is less populated by tourists, there are also fewer reviews, respectively. All this leads to the fact that when you book a room in the private sector, you take a cat in a bag.

Also, remember that if a hotel has three stars, it is certified and meets all the requirements. The private sector is not classified.

Of course, there is an option not to rent a house, but to find it on the spot. But this option can also cause trouble. In the season, finding a place to stay is more difficult, you will have to choose from what you have, not what you like. If you are going with children or have taken a lot of luggage, this method will also cause difficulties, as the search will take time.

Everyone makes their choice in favor of a guest house or hotel. If you prefer a more homelike environment, the private sector is the preferred option, but if you want to make a lot of new acquaintances, swim in the pool or enjoy the system all inclusive, then the best option is a hotel.

Erica G. Greer